Bo Krop

Bo’s knowledge of nutrition and exercise are unparalleled in the area! His personal discoveries in these areas have not only helped him to achieve the fit and lean physique he always desired, but has enabled him to assist hundreds of people in the Finger Lakes region in doing so as well!!

With over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, Bo is truly a transformation expert! Having struggled with his weight and health for most of his childhood as well as early adulthood, Bo really understands the difficulties and obstacles one faces when trying to lose weight, get fit, and become healthy. Subsequently he has a very real passion to help others overcome similar struggles. Because he discovered that nutrition was a LARGE part of his own health and weight loss transformation, Bo emphasizes nutrition education in all BOTA FITNESS classes.

Bo is not only an accredited Personal Trainer through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA), but was the recipient of both the Suny Chancellor and Outstanding Student Adult Awards. He has also competed professionally as Men’s physique contestant—placing third in his first ever fitness competition. If fat loss, knowledge of healthy eating, and learning how to exercise safely and effectively are your personal goals, BO KNOWS!

What clients report loving most about Bo, however, is not just his head knowledge, but his heart— he really cares about those he serves! Bo considers each and every person he works with as part of his extended family, not just a dollar sign or “client.” Developing a close and trusting relationship is just as important, he claims, as nutrition and exercise...if not more so! Trust, Bo says, is developed not only through a Trainer’s knowledge, but his/her:

T - Timeliness
R - Rapport
U - Understanding
S - Support
T - Truthfulness

Each and every clients deserves all of the above!
If they do not receive it, they should not pay a dime!