Let's Win this Battle!

Let's Win this Battle!

Aug 18, 2015

As I walked through the supermarket today I was hit so strongly with the notion that this is a WAR!! And unfortunately, one that seems to not be stacked in our favor. As we fight this battle of weight-loss, health, and fitness, it can truly feel hopeless at times! Everywhere we turn there is food! Or what they call food. I was in the check out line today, longingly staring at a candy bar. Sometimes I really struggle with this. "Why must I have to work so very hard to get one pound off?" "Why must I say no to so many things?" "If I say no to this, I better be down on that scale tomorrow!!" If I could just live in a hole somewhere with only fruits and veggies life would be so much easier!!! Not only are we bombarded with food, but at times I feel like the overwhelming feeling from others is that if I am conscious of what I am putting in my body and I make sure I get my workout in then I am a fanatic. I am one of those "fitness freaks". This is the war we signed on for. We have to take back our body, our minds, and change the way people think.

Things that have helped me in my battle (and can help you too):

  1. Have your defense planned ahead of time. I have kids that play sports (a lot of sports). We are always in the car and it can be very tempting to stop for fast food. Before this ever happens I plan ahead. I know the choices I am going to make even before I even choose to go there. Also, I always try to carry a healthy protein bar in my bag just in case I have no other choice. I don't want to be caught in a spot where I will say, "But there wasn't anything else to eat"
  2. Take a list to the grocery store and stick to it!
  3. Use our Template Eating plan to keep you on track!
  4. Find what motivates you! Write things down! Take pictures! Post quotes! Chant inspiring things...I know it sounds weird but I do this ALL the time! I tell myself "You want to be skinny right, put that candy bar down!" I even make little songs out of them at times. Find out what works for you...and then do it!
  5. Get people to help you! We are designed to need other people. We can not do this alone! Surround yourself with like-minded people. People that want to help you get healthy and that want to do it with you!